Wholesale Programs

Every light, Every Vehicle, Every Day.
We are committed to durability.

LUMA LEDS understands the expectation and need for durable lighting, and we exceed them. We apply dependable craftsmanship and attention to detail with the world’s highest level of LED technology to lighting for passenger cars, heavy, medium and light-duty trucks, agricultural and heavy-equipment, trailers, power sports vehicles, and recreational vehicles. From manufacturing to field testing, we are committed to put every ounce of investment, design, tooling and development into delivering the most durable solutions that endure the harsh demands of on and off road applications.


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LUMA LEDS prides itself on innovative design, affordable retail (and wholesale) prices, using high quality components in our products and offering fanatical customer service and warranty programs. We offer shipping incentives, no MOQ's, and a MAP policy to protect our dealers and provide strong margins. Not only that, but our marketing support is truly top-notch. We provide our dealers with a variety of solutions to help them sell including;

  • POP Displays
  • Brochures & Catalogs
  • Stickers & Banners
  • Promo Giveaways
  • Product Photos & Content
  • Counter Matts
  • Co-Branded Event Sponsorships
  • Product Training & Support

We also love to feature our dealers on our social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Shared Philosophy
We look to develop long term relationships with companies that share our commitment to both the customers we serve, and the communities in which they reside. The core philosophy behind our dealer / distributor relationships is simple;

  • Keep A Strong Focus On Customer Care
  • Provide Products & Service That Exceed Expectations
  • Operate In A Fair & Transparent Manner

For those who share in our philosophy and can demonstrate strong market knowledge, and successful business experience, an opportunity to become a LUMA LEDS Dealer / Distributor may be right for you.

Have questions about becoming a dealer? Email us at sales@lumaleds.com, or call (800) 253-0766.

Ready to become a dealer? Complete our Dealer Application, emailing it to sales@lumaleds.com, or fax it to (636) 925-2026.



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Manufacturers and fleet managers face unique challenges that require expert understanding of your LED lighting applications. A trusted resource who can provide information and guidance, while understanding your goals. At LUMA LEDS, that resource is an experienced, knowledgeable support team that starts with a dedicated Account Manager.

  • Product / Installation Support
    Planning, and choosing the right products, are only the first steps in making certain your project runs smoothly. Proper installation is just as crucial of a step. Your Account Manager, along with our expert support team, will be there to offer advice and guidance until your project is complete and performing as expected. From product selection to final installation, LUMA LEDS will be here for you every step of the way.
  • Competitive Pricing
    We offer a very competitive pricing structure on all our high quality products. After we determine your needs, we will create a quote or bid for your project, and encourage you to compare our pricing with offers from other vendors. No commitments are necessary until you are confident that we are offering you the best lighting solution for your project.
  • Product Samples
    We understand there are many variables when it comes to lighting; quality, brightness, color-temperature, function, even aesthetics are key factors in determining if a product meets your application requirements. LUMA LEDS offers product samples to our commercial customers to evaluate and test before purchasing. Again, we encourage you to compare our light against another vendors product. Our quality will speak for itself.
  • Customized Products
    We offer our commercial customers a wide range of product customization options including CCT, beam angle, housing color, even ground up prototyping based on your specific application. We'll work with you to determine the best components for your application, create a bill of materials based on EAU, and offer competitive final pricing.
  • Private Label / Plain Box
    We understand how essential branding is to any business. That's why we offer commercial customers the opportunity to have their own branded packaging for our products. We can work with your marketing team to develop the packaging option that's right for your brand.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
    Managing shipments of parts from suppliers for a large project can be an overwhelming process. When you make use of our vendor managed inventory service, we alleviate this problem; you’ll receive shipments from us only when you need it and where you need it. We’ll stock the parts that you’ll need over the course of a specified period, and ship quantities directly to you or your customers when needed.

Have questions about becoming our commercial program? Email us at sales@lumaleds.com, or call (800) 253-0766.

Ready to create an account with LUMA LEDS? Complete our Commercial Application, emailing it to sales@lumaleds.com, or fax it to (636) 925-2026.